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Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer Award Details

Welcome to the Very Mutually Exclusive’s own “Very Mutually Exclusive Summer Award 2007”! If you are willing to participate please take your time to read the text below.

1) To get nominated for this completion you have to:

*Send your personal info (name, birthday, e-mail, nickname, age, gender…)

*Send your picture.

*(Write a 50 words “creative” paragraph explaining why you should be awarded. (Believe me I can hear you nagging).

*Your campaign’s official slogan, motto, logo…(shi3ar).

*A report signed from your school about your past five years grades in all subjects. (Just kidding)

All information must be sent to tarek.ak@hotmail.com

Important: Each nominee is going to have his OWN web page with his info, pictures….on it! Only the winner will get the chance of keeping his page online as the losers or let us call them those who didn’t win will get their pages canceled.


If you are a student in RHHS, SE 2 “A”, you can participate!

2) Who will choose the winner?

You are going to choose the winner. Everyone who knows how to work on a computer and open this website has the right to vote.

Remember that you can vote as much as you like.

Finally I would like to thank you all for being such loyal visitors!

Enjoy and Good Luck!