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Saturday, July 7, 2007


65015 votes!! After about a month of hardwork, the reults are here:

Karim: 987 votes
Giwa: 2850 votes

Rasha: " Honorable Mention" with 16279 votes.

& the winner of the VME STUDENT SUMMER AWARD 2007 Mr. Mounir Dada.

Mabrook to everyone!! You are all winners!!

Thanks for everyone who voted and made the whole thing fun!!

VME readers will miss bob, adel, tima, ghiwa, karim, foufou, mounir, lord, abou el jaweher, liliane, aki, rasha, rawan, razan, abo ali, ayman, RASHA FAN, farah, mohammed ( fee 7ada ba3ed??) w akeed tarek!!

Good Luck to everyone!
Enjoy the summer
See you in Summer Award 2008!!!