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Friday, July 6, 2007

Voting has stopped. Results will be announced here soon!

As u have discovered by now voting has stopped. On this page, the results will be annonced in a post like this. Commenting in Shoutbox ( the green box) will be disabled. Voters can only comment in the comments page the link is present under the post ( 0 comments) .

How can I comment?

1- under this post or any other post ( if u want to talk about the summer award u must look under the results posts) click on " 0 comments" in small green font.

2- To the right of the new page you will find a box. Write ur comment and sign ur name.

3- Under the box there is "Choose Identity", If u don't have a google account and don't wish to make one click on "Anonymous".

4- Click on Publish Your Comment.

if u have any questions about commenting do not hesitate to ask me at tarek.ak@hotmail.com.

1 Comment:

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